Travel in Comfort and Style

Travel in Comfort and Style
Andy Pan

You may be tying up those last few details for your summer vacation and making your packing lists too. Maybe you plan to go somewhere exotic where sun and sand take you far away from your cold desk at work. Or maybe you want to find yourself lost in history- overseas, or across the country. Regardless, one thing you definitely need is a comfy pair of shoes, like our Duo sandals. This classic sandal has supported many feet on trips all over the globe.

While you grab your sandals and suitcase, consider a trip to San Antonio in the Lone Star state. You can visit San Antonio Shoemaker’s Factory to find out how handcrafted comfort is created. Also visit our General Store for a true Americana experience.

Even better, you could win a free trip to San Antonio as a part of our Grand Prize package for our “Where in the world has your Duo been?” contest. Tell us where this iconic SAS sandal has taken you in life. Or check out one of our 25 new limited edition Duos available in select stores, or for order over the phone (Call our Customer Service Line Monday through Friday 7:45am to 4:45pm CST at 1-877-782-7463)*.

Folks are already sharing their photos of themselves in Duo sandals while travelling all over the globe, so send yours in and you could win. Learn more here.

*Event has ended.

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